Male circumcision and HIV control in Africa

Garenne M, Giami A, Perrey C. Male circumcision and HIV control in Africa: Questioning scientific evidence and decision making process, Global Health in Africa. Historical Perspectives on Diseases Control,  Tamara Giles-Vernick, James L.A. Webb J edt,  Ohio University Press, 2013, pp 185-210.

Taken as a collective, the essays offer other lessons to those interested in African public and global health. The most striking theme across the volume are the ways in which health interventions can unintentionally contribute to ill health and create tense relationships with medical practitioners.… A second theme is how individual rights are frequently imperiled by mass campaigns, particularly ones where the line between cure and prevention is blurred.… The collection makes the case well for including historical perspectives in approaching global health, but it also demonstrates how including a global health frame can contribute to histories of disease, health and healing in Africa.